Brian ChrisHi guys, my name is Brian Chris. I am a full time father who likes to blog whenever I’ve got a free moment.

I have a beautiful wife who works quite a bit so I stay home with our only son. We have a great time together and now that he’s a bit older I want to get him active as much as possible.

That’s where this site comes in. Sure we could do anything but I think good riding toys, bikes, and the like are a good place to introduce daily activity onto play time.

I hope to make this site a good sounding board for my struggles and triumphs at keeping my son active but also I hope to make this site a resource for parents like me that have similar goals in parenting.

You can get to know me more by connecting with me over on any (or all) of the following social networks: Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and eventually YouTube!

In the future I’ll be releasing a book on Amazon, I hope you’ll check that out and my email newsletter will be another great way to stay in the loop… I just have to get thing set up first. 🙂