Annoying Toys for 1 Year Olds

annoying toys for 1 year oldAdmit it; it is no secret that not all toys for 1 year olds are likeable toys. The word “toys” means something completely different today. While parents will remember when toys meant things like dolls, tea sets, non-battery operated cars and trucks, plain blocks etc. However today, some toys are truly noisy and annoying. Here are some of the most annoying toys for 1 year olds:

Baby Dolls

You know those baby dolls that kept on crying and soiling their diapers? Yes, just what we all needed, an additional baby in the house. 1 toddler is already a handful; an additional crying baby doll is too much.

Any Musical Instrument

Okay, I know toddlers should be allowed to explore music, but not this kind of irritating music that really gets into the nerves. I’ll wait for my 1 year old to grow, then, I can enroll her to music class, but definitely no noisy music instruments in the house please.

 Furby Boom Figure (Polka Dots) Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube Flingshot Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey


These are little fury and needy monsters, that communicate incoherently. I just can’t stand them. They sounded like a pissed off shrieking animals. They are just so annoying.

Musical Toys

You know those musical toys that just won’t stop. Some don’t even have control for volume, it is like they have a life of their own – it keeps on playing and playing and playing, and it just won’t stop!

Screaming Monkeys

From the word screaming, these toys are really made to annoy people. It makes sounds such as moo, oink, monkey and reindeer noises. If you hate someone, give these toys as a gift for their child.

A lot of toys are sold in the market, but as parents always remember to choose toys wisely. If these toys are annoying better not purchased it. However the problem comes when the annoying toy came to you as a gift for your child, of course it will be rude if you don’t accept it. Maybe it’s better to keep it rather than allowing it to irritate and annoy you for days.