Balance Bikes For 1 Year Olds

balance bikes for 1 year oldsIf you have a toddler to do some shopping for be careful which balance bike you buy; most are for bigger kids. In fact, if you buy a “normal” balance bike intending for a 12 to 18 month old child to use be prepared for some baby injuries or a lot of dust to collect on the bike. Conventional bikes just don’t work for this age group.

Because many one year old kids can’t yet walk let alone balance very well we feel that a good beginner bike for the one year olds is a balance bike style ride on toy where the entire toy stands up completely on it’s own. These are typically wide wheel bikes.

Of course in this style there are products that have really wide wheels and others that merely have square shaped wheels which may still require quite a bit of balancing to be done by the child.

It’s not our place to say what skill and ability level your child is at though so we’ve hand chosen the best balance bikes for one year olds in a few different styles and listed them here for you to make it easier.

If you’ve never had a kid before then you should know even the most coordinated kid in the 12+ months range can’t handle the big balance bikes. These are stepping stones to those bigger bikes and they will be appreciated far more by the child’s parents.

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