Balance Bikes With Hand Brakes

Balance Bike With Hand BrakeFor most small kids balance bikes with hand brakes are not necessary but many older toddlers like using balance bikes over regular bikes and they are capable of using a hand brake. In some cases kids may be better suited to normal kid bikes with training wheels but for those that don’t use training wheels these bikes make it easier for kids to go faster and stop faster without sacrificing safety.

Balance bikes with brakes tend to be pricier than ordinary balance bikes and there are fewer brands that make them. Even still there are a number of excellent options out there and I’ve featured a few of my favorites below.

If you are looking to buy a balance bike with hand brake then make sure your child is also wearing a helmet that is sized appropriately. Kids shouldn’t need hand brakes unless they are going faster than their feet can stop them. If they are going this fast then any crash can result in injury – helmets are important no matter what size out kids are. You can see some top kids bike helmets here.

Hand Brake Balance Bikes

You can see some of the top balance bike with brakes for sale today right here.

Alternatively see this page for some good balance bikes for beginners – you know, the bikes with wide wheels.