The Best Flashcards For 1 Year Olds

best flashcards for 1 year olds

When our babies turn one year old, this means that they are not considered as infants anymore and have entered the toddler years. During this stage, their brain are rapidly developing, making them capable of developing language skills, learning new words and mostly, imitating words and actions they hear and see in their environment. Babies are born as intellectuals; it is just a matter of guiding them and molding them as smart individuals.

One way to develop their skills is by the use of flash cards. Flash cards are early learning tool that develop their intellectual skills. Pictures of objects, shapes, animals with bold letterings are suitable for this age. The development of this aspect as early as possible gives them the advantage over their peers who were taught at a later age.

But always remember, our little ones should not be pressured when we are trying to teach them anything for that matter. Make it fun, playing games with flashcards makes them more eager to participate. Attempt to teach them only when they are in a good mood. One more thing, 1 year olds have short attention spans. Thus, make this activity as short as possible, don’t bore them, otherwise you will lose their interest.  Stop before they get tired of the game or else you risk the element of fun.

Flashing cards frequently and consistently throughout the day (at least 3 times a day) facilitates learning, start with 2-3 cards each session, gradually increasing it based on the child’s ability and learning. Make sure that there are few distractions, maintaining eye contact with the toddler during discussions is very essential. In addition to this, it is also important to give positive regard and compliments when they make achievements. Praise them as often as possible. This gives them the confidence and increases their interest towards the activity.

It’s never to earl to start teaching your child with flashcards. Here are our favorites.

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