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The Best Foods I Ever Gave My 1 Year Old

Best Foods For 1 Year OldsHaving a 1 year old child is a very challenging stage for both parents and children alike. There are lots of parents, especially first timers, who have a lot of questions. One of the most popular ones is what to feed your child once they reach the age of 1. Of course, you have gone through the first 12 months with caution on what to feed your child. It has to be a continuous process to ensure that your baby’s well-being stays at an optimum level. Here are the most valuable suggestions on what to feed your 1 year old.

Mashed Vegetables and Fruits

This is very advisable especially for the few kids who still don’t have teeth at the age of 1 (which is perfectly normal, by the way). If they can’t chew that well yet, then just go for mashed stuff. You can gradually work your way on fresh fruits and vegetables once he develops more teeth.

Bite Sized Everything

Take this literally. For instance, whatever is served for the whole family during dinner, just slice it into smaller pieces so that your 1 year old does not choke on it – beef, meat, chicken, bread, anything.

Soft Food

For obvious reasons, you are going to have to be sensitive in this category. Even if your child can chew, he is going to get bored with chewing and he will end up feeling full thus, unable to finish his meal. Go for sandwiches, pudding, corn bread, muffins, cakes and the like.


You need to pack up your kid with a lot of nutrients as he is in a very sensitive developmental stage. One way to do this is to let him ingest these vitamins and minerals through baby friendly drinks. Invest in a really good blender so you can grind fruits and vegetables and make delicious smoothies. Fruit juices are great for feeding bottles as well.

Whatever you choose to feed your kid, always remember to ask advice from your pediatrician first. Moreover, make sure everything you feed him will benefit his overall health.