The Best Musical Toys For 1 Year Olds

music toys for 1 year oldsChildren are fond of music. Statistics shows that almost 75% normal children give response to music by moving their tender body or dancing. My baby is also one of them. So I took the decision to buy musical toys.

In the market you will see a lot of musical toys. But all of them are not suitable for your one year old child. I mean that you should buy the musical toys which are fit for your one year old child.

I went to a shop where a customer care manager informed me that they have many musical toys. He introduced 13 Musical Instruments in one superb Mat! A fun introduction to the planet of music, Record & replay Electronic Band children   with thirteen completely different instruments—including a 24-key keyboard and 5-piece drum kit!

Children will record and playback their Compositions, or introduce their MP3 music device and jam in conjunction with their favorite Songs! Touch-sensitive, 18″-wide mat includes drumsticks, fourteen demo songs, and inherent Speakers, MP3 cable and volume management uses four AA batteries (sold separately). Children can play it together because it is made for one or a pair of players. But these all are perfect for 3 years old child. One year old child can enjoy the demo songs and other simple activity of the Toys.

I saw there is Drum Roll; it is shaped by kid’s size. Drum Set builds ability and pride, as young percussionists your child can learn to get down the beats. It is an excellent for one year olds child, this set could be a fun introduction to music and rhythm, and comes complete with all the essentials: bass, drum and pedal, mounted drum drum, snare drum, brass percussive instrument, drumsticks and stool.

There a lot of other small musical toys for your one year old children. They are musical dolls, musical books, Automatic touching musical toys, musical car, floating toys etc. They are all very enjoying and you can buy any of them.

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