The Best Puzzles For 1 Year Olds

best puzzles for 1 year oldsAs I watched my 1 year old daughter, I noticed that she is more curious about everything and how they work. She gathers more information about things and concentrates more on what she does. I also realized that her interest level changes, the toy she was fascinated when she was younger no longer interest her and she objects on toys or games that are too much advanced for her. I also learned that Imitation is a huge part of the cognitive process, most of the time, she learns by following what people around her are doing. Perhaps, more than ever, we should be very careful on what we are doing and saying when we are around them.

1 year olds are attracted to mechanical devices such as windup toys, switches, knobs and buttons. It is very important that we should provide them with a wide range of toys and activities that they like and are challenging but not completely beyond their abilities. We should focus on helping them grow healthy and smart. We should also be acquainted with the best toys such as puzzles that will allow them to learn new words, images, objects, animals and more. These kinds of toys will allow cognitive development for our little ones.

Puzzles for 1 year olds should be able to help develop the eye and hand coordination-fine motor skills. It is also essential that this type of learning tool paves way to tactile discovery, sensory exploration, imagination, and thinking skills. At this age, they are able to recognize objects, animals, shapes and more. Thus bright colored puzzle with knobs, pegs, and fit shape with these objects are appropriate for their age. Furthermore puzzles with sounds and with different texture are good for developing their sensory skills. There is a wide variety of puzzles for this age in the market; it is just a matter of deciding which is which for them. It may be difficult to judge exactly what they can and can’t handle at this age, but it’s not hard for our little ones.

Puzzles are a great way to develop the mind of a one year old.

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