The Best Ride On Toys For 2 Years Old

At age two, toddlers are more active than ever. Strengthening their physical body is one of parents’ major concerns. Besides proper nutrition, we must also consider different exercises to help them further develop their muscles. So how can we do that? Buy the age appropriate toys that will support this development.

It is proper to buy toys suitable for this age. We find out that ride on toys are the most popular toy for 2 year olds to develop their muscles,  gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Below are different kinds of ride on toys that will help you know which one to choose for your little ones.

Pedal Car

This type of ride on toy has been around for decades now and it has been tried and tested over the years. Not all pedal cars today require a child to turn pedals to move along, some require the use of their feet on the ground to glide instead. But remember watch over your kid when they are driving on a pedal car.

Wooden Rocker

This is known as rocking horse before, but toy manufacturers today make them in different animals, shapes and style.  This type of ride on toy doesn’t actually move anywhere but the rocking motion will let your child feel like its moving. What’s good about this toy compared to the others is that, the whole body is needed to set this in motion thus there are more muscles that are further developed.


Among ride on toys, tricycle is the recommended one for two years one. It doesn’t only develop their gross motor skills but also enhance their balance and coordination. This ride on toy will also prepare toddlers when the time comes for them to then begin to ride a conventional bicycle.

Ride on are best toys for two years old, it is fun and enjoyable for them. Moreover it will help them be more mobile which can be very helpful in stimulating their developmental growth. So get your 2 year old a ride on toy.