Best Sensory Toys For 1 Year Olds

sensory toys for 1 year olds

I have a tot, who doesn’t run out of energy. Always banging, squishing things around, throws items and sees what noises it make, and sometimes put things in her mouth, I guess she is just curious how it taste. I know for a fact that this is normal for a 1 year old. Look, for the first year of life they are very eager to explore the world, they are further developing their sensory-motor system (smell, taste, touch, sound and sight). So as moms, we should support their learning and development, but we have to see to it that we give the right toys that support their physical and cognitive growth-specifically sensory skills.

There is a variety of toys that are sold in the market today. Such as musical toys with keys that produces different kind of sounds, toys with different textures-soft, hard, rough, and smooth, bright colored toys which attracts 1 year olds. However, in addition to this we have to think of ways to allow more development of sensory skills. I have discovered a really inexpensive way that can further develop and support the curiosity of my little one of her surroundings. I created plays and toys that will engage her various senses.

Sense of Touch    

I set out a space – her own little space where she can move around and lined it with different textured paper or material. My daughter has a blast exploring her sensory play area.

Sense of Sight

During our play, I made strips of paper and attached it in the wall. I ask her to get items with the same color I point to. This is a fun way for learning and developing her vision.

Sense of Hearing

I filled some bottles with different items such as beans, coins, paper clips etc. and let my little one shake those bottles and hear the sound. Words of caution though, make sure that the bottles are tightly sealed so that the bottle won’t open in an attempt the child tries opens it.

Sense of Smell

Play with different odors, such as lemon scent, perfume, vinegar etc. Have them smell it and ask them if they know what it is, or you can ask them if they like the smell or not.

These are my way simple ways to help my daughter develop her senses, you can be innovative and creative, and the important matter besides learning is that both your child and you enjoy the toys and the play.

Young children thrive when they can learn to use all of their senses. These sensory enabling toys will both entertain them and expand their minds.


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