The Best Sippy Cup For A 1 Year Old

best sippy cup for 1 year oldsSome babies enjoy sippy cups as early as six months, but my baby was not interested until her first birthday.  A sippy cup is a training cup which is spill proof designed for toddlers. This is used during the transition from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup. I introduced a sippy cup to my baby when she had developed her hand-to-mouth coordination but still unable to keep the drink from spilling. A sippy cup gives baby independence and keeps clean up to minimum.

I encouraged my daughter by enticing her with the best sippy cup there is. Most sippy cups consist of three parts-the cup, lid that screws and a plastic or a rubber that controls both the air from coming in and the liquid from coming out. Beyond the basic design, there are plenty variations and things to consider in choosing one for our 1 year olds. Besides the style and appearance, as mothers, we should also consider the leak-proof capabilities and the ease of use both for us and our babies. There is also an issue regarding BPA (bisphenol A)-it used in the manufacture of some sippy cups. As per research, BPA is potentially harmful; it causes cancer, behavioral disorders and reproductive problems. Some says that BPA is used to produce containers for decades and doesn’t really harm. But for me, I decided to play it safe and bought a BPA-free sippy cup.

Sippy cups are introduced to babies to prevent dental cavities. One thing to bear in mind, use sippy cups wisely. Don’t allow your child to use it as a pacifier or sip on it throughout the day especially with milk or juice drinks, this increases formation of cavities which depicts the transition purpose. Drop the sippy cup as soon as possible. Using it for a long period of time doesn’t only causes dental problems; it also causes lisps and articulation problems.  It is recommended the sippy cups should be used for a few months only.

Bottom line is, as soon as the baby has developed the skill of drinking without or minimal spilling, switch to a regular glass or a cup with a straw. Teach your child to drink from a real cup by moving him up the developmental chain.

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