The Best Toddler Scooters: Reviews & Thoughts Of A Father

Toddler ScooterAs a father to a toddler (two and a half year old to be exact) I’ve been looking at the best toddler scooters on the market. I want to get my son a good scooter to play with but I certainly don’t want to put my young son on a two wheeler designed for bigger kids.

A few weeks back I started getting advertisements in my newspaper full of toys for Christmas. I don’t usually look through these but this one day I was glancing through and I saw a cool three wheel scooter that looked like it was actually designed for a small child. The thing stood up on it’s own so a toddler wouldn’t have to be so sure footed meaning it was going to be much safer.

Anyway, ever since I saw that first ad and started thinking about getting one for my son I started looking around online for as many other good options as i could come across.

This page features all of scooters for toddlers I’ve come across and given time to research and draw conclusions about. If you want to buy a toddler scooter then maybe my thoughts on each of these below will be useful to you.

Razor Kixi Kix Scooter (Green/Blue)
The Razor Kixi Kix Scooter (Green/Blue)

Razor is the big name in the kids scooter industry and of the Razor’s out there this is the one I would buy every time for a toddler. The metal scooters may be best for bigger kids but this light-weight plastic scooter is best for small kids. It’s smaller, has a wider base with three wheels and the handlebar doesn’t turn, instead the base tilts to turn so that small kids can better handle their direction.

I also like this because it’s super affordable which is something I (as a parent) am always looking for in toddler friendly toys.

This scooter comes in the color shown and in pink. It can also be purchased as the Scribbler which has a mounting station for sidewalk chalk if you choose to use it.

To see the full product description and features of the Kixi Kix scooter for toddlers click here.


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Also, as you know full and well scooters are not the only cool riding toys for our littler ones.

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