The Best Toys For Toddlers – 2014 Holiday Edition

best toddler toysHere at TotRides we love riding toys, push and pull toys, and other toys that inspire active physical play. These kids of toys help kids learn to love doing things for entertainment rather than watching things for entertainment.

Having said that we also know a home with children cannot exist with an exclusive collection of ride on toys so we’ve started compiling lists of our favorites in many different categories.

If you are shopping for Christmas presents, birthday presents, or something else we know that on the following pages you’ll find some awesome ideas that your kids will love.

This page was designed for the toddler age group. Kids in the 9 months to three year zone will find the vast majority of these toys enjoyable to no end. Please have a look below and get started reading our reviews and recommendations.

Here are ten top sellers that we like a lot. Further down the page you’ll find links to lots more.

 Bilibo – Blue Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag, 80-Piece (Classic) Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Love to Play Puppy VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper with Chatter Telephone

Our Favorite Toddler Toys For 2014

Each page listed below is specific to toddlers in the 1-2 year range.

The Best Ride On Toys – We obviously think it’s important to get kids active from a very young age. This is our bread and butter. Here are our favorites.

Balance Bikes – Looking to train your child to ride a bike earlier than later? This is the best way to get them going.

Ride On Trikes – Many parents see three wheeled tricycles as better options than balance bikes and we know there are alots of amazing options to choose from in this space.

Battery Powered Ride On Toys – My son loves to play in the grass. Unfortunately there aren’t many riding toys that will go with him outside of the kiddie ATV. We love them.

Obnoxious Toys – Gift giving for kids of parents you want to be snarky with? These obnoxious toys are fun ways to get under the skin of your friends and family. Kids love them and they drive parents insane!

Christmas Toys – Around the holiday’s it’s nice to have a few Christmas themed toys that don’t have to fit below the tree. We think they are good options for staying festive and relieving the long Christmas wait for children.

Dora The Explorer Toys – Both girls and boys love Dora and the show is a great way to introduce Spanish into a child’s life. Here are some great options that kids will enjoy.

Fisher price Toys – Fisher price has an awesoem lineup of products that move kids through childhood with familiar designs, songs, and games. We also like their normally affordable price points.

Traditional Wooden Toys – Every parent loves old traditional stule wooden toys like blocks, cars, tops, and other classics. These days there are some great options that aren’t always so “blocky”.

Top Developmental Toys – Toys designed for the one year old crowd are easy to come by but many fail at developing a child’s mind and/or motor skills. We think these are great options for kids to improve their development while also staying at play.

The Best Puzzles For 1 Year Olds – I love puzzles and so too do many kids. The trick is find puzzles that challenge a one year old but still hold their attention. These are some of the best we’ve found.

Top Books On Parenting Toddlers – Parenting can be tough and even though they call them the terrible twos doesn’t mean it can’t start getting hard earlier than that. For parents of toddlers the books can be a godsend.

Sippy Cups – The sipppy cup is one of those things that any people never think much about but the style your child uses can affect his or her teeth later on down the line. It’s best to move them closer to big kid cups as early as possible and these are our favorites for the one year old crowd.

Cute Baby Dolls – Both girls and boys enjoy playing with baby dolls. Once they realize that they aren’t the smallest in the room they naturally want to explore and care for a baby smaller than them. These baby dolls also make great trainers for younger siblings who are on the way.

Best Learning Flashcards – Children are better prepared for life when parents mix play with learning and at the age of one many toddlers are ready to start “playing” with flashcards that help teach vocabulary, numbers, shapes, and colors.

Farm Toys – Boys especially love farm toys because so many of them get kids digging and playing in the dirt. There are however plenty that follow the theme but are perfect for clean, indoor play.

Realistic Garden Toys – If you have kids you know how much they want to do what mom does. If you like getting into the garden then your kids will need realistic garden toys to keep them occupied. They also make for good thematic play inside the house.

Jumping Toys – What a better way to build balance, stamina, and muscle control then to let your newly walking toddler play with things that help them jump? We find these to be great options to build a love for physical play and a great introduction to the large collection of ride ons available for bigger kids.

John Deere Toys – John Deere has a fairly substantial catalog of branded toys and many are best sellers. Because the farm is so appealing to both boys and girls the brand is a great fit for this age of toddler.

Outside Toys – Every parent wants to get their kids to play outside more. With electronics demanding so much time and attention of our kids even from the young age of one any toy that captures a child’s attention and gets them playing outside is a very good thing.

Creative Toys – If you want to give something to a child to help develop an imagination then make sure to give this page a look. These toys spark creativity and teach kids to entertain themselves.

The Hottest Toys For 1 Year Olds – Every year there are new toys that hit store shelves and some of them can be hard to find. We can’t guarantee you’ll love every hot toy out this year but many of these will be loved by your children if you can find them.

Rocking Horse Toys – Here at Tot Rides we LOVE toys that get kids active. Ride on toys are the best in our opinions because they get kids interested in physical play which they can enjoy for a lifetime. The rocking horse is a classic riding toy and we have a few that we like a lot for the 12-24 month child.

Classic Old Fashioned Toys – The timeless toys that have entertained children generation after generation always make winning gifts. Parents love them because they are simple and remind them of their childhoods and kids love them because, well, they are classics.

Walking Push Toys

Push and Ride Toys

Mickey Mouse Toys

The Best Musical Toys

Playskool Toys

Exciting Stimulating Toys

Interesting Sensory Toys

Smyths Toys –

Smart Toys –

Unusual Toys –

Vtech Toys –

Walker Toys –

Water Toys

Minnie Mouse Toys

Noisy Toys

Learning Toys

Loud Toys

Leapfrog Toys

Hello Kitty Toys

Interactive Toys

Educational Toys

Elmo Toys

Early Learning Centre Toys –

Argos Toys

Award Winning Toys For 1 Year Olds –

Annoying Toys –

Climbing Toys

I know, that’s a lot to go through but the pages are well curated and you are going to find some great ideas on each. Just check out the types of things you and your children may like and start digging. Good luck and happy parenting!