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Christmas Is Awesome! Just Picked Up The Kixi Kix Scooter For Less Than $30!

OK, so a couple days ago I mentioned my concerns about the safety of scooters for toddlers. Well I ended up heading down to my local Big 5 sporting goods store and picking up their advertised Kixi Kix scooter in blue/green for only $29.99. Yea! 🙂

Razor Kixi Kix Scooter

I wasn’t exactly sure if I wanted to get my son one but after getting it and opening up the box I can’t be more pleased. This thing is very lighteight and it’s made of plastic – perfect for a toddler my son’s age.

What I love about it more is that the front wheel(s) are doubled up and the front handlebar doesn’t turn. I could very easily see my son havign trouble with a handle bar that turns like a big kid Razor.

The front wheels are wide enough to really help out with balance. Although Christmas isn’t hear yet so I haven’t been able to get my son on it I’m sure he’s going to “get it” right away.

In any event I’ll be posting more thoughts on this scooter after he gets to use it post-Christmas but in the mean time you can see my initial thoughts on the Kixi Kix and similar scooters for toddlers on this page.