Classic Old Fashioned Toys For 1 Year Olds

old fashioned toysThere has been a significant change in the form of playing of the children in the past and present. In 1950 when the term playing came to our mind we did think about activities rather playing with a Toy. We also indulged ourselves by playing game like “Hide and Seek”, “Pirates and Princesses” etc.

During our period many toy companies offer us toys like doll, ball, gun etc. They all have no digital and automatic activities. We ourselves personified them as a character and used to play with our next door neighbor kids.

Day to day the old toys going to disappeared and reformed with automation. I offered my child Jenny the old fashioned toys which I used to play. But now a world of modern era of isolation she does not get a companion to play with. If your child wants to play with a ball ultimately she needs another to receive it and throw or pass it back to her/him. Again it is a doll of princess which has no automatic movement that cannot be play alone. A one year child always has not power to create a character of a doll and make a drama series with her other dolls. Rather they like to play with those toys by which they can play as companions.

Though it is said that the old fashion toys are nothing but a still materials but I think they are also recreational object for your child. Statistics shows that babies learn language by listening to and interacting with living beings. So if you manage to a companion for your baby to play with her by the old toys consequently it will increase your baby’s power of intelligence.

In fine, here I present my guide to the uses of old fashioned Toys for a one year child as an evidence based information about the ways that parents can nurture their children’s intelligence.

 Toysmith Jacob’s Ladder Curious George Jack in the Box Schylling Little Tin Top (Colors and Designs May Vary) Toy Small World Toys Ryan’s Room – Bag O’ Blocks, Natural Wood Mary Meyer Easy Ride’Ums, 33 Inch Stick Horse, Brown