Compensation Disclosure is a website that generates income based on contextual advertising and affiliate relationships with various merchants.

Currently we only have affiliate relationships with We are only compensated when we link to and our readers use those links and make purchases. Sales prices are unaffected by our links and our readers do not pay any more for the products when they use our links.

We also have a relationship with Google’s Adsense for publishers program. Google Adsense places contextual advertisements on some of our pages. We have no control over what ads are placed.

TotRides receives no income of any kind from product manufactures. We are not compensated to link to or review any products and we have not been provided any products for review or reference.

I am simply a dad trying to stay busy between diaper changes. Please understand that my website is designed to help me first and other parents out there who are similar to me.

If this site begins generating revenue in any additional way this page will be updated accordingly. Thanks.

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