Cute Baby Dolls For 1 Year Olds

baby dolls for 1 year olds

Everything is new and interesting to 1 year olds. They become more curious about everything; they start exploring and discovering what the world. Although each child is unique there are some essential matters that are generally predictable-sequence of development or milestones. As they go through different developmental stage, the perfect companions for growing toddlers are baby dolls.

Baby dolls are fantastic toy for all 1 year olds, yes for ALL including boys. Baby dolls have a lot to offer a perfect companion to them. Dolls have the potential for teaching our little ones about themselves and the world around them. It offers our children opportunities to develop every aspect-mental, physical and emotional even spiritual at times.

Baby dolls are perfect for teaching our children body parts, labeling each part not just his/her own. It also helps them know the basic concepts about a human being, from feeding, to grooming and hygiene to potty training, sleeping and many more.  Most importantly, baby dolls helps them understand the world, enhancing their learning of what love is all about, how to nurture and care for others.

Toddlers usually re-enact events through playing with baby dolls, it gives them a better understanding of the events or situations happening around them. Many times, children enjoy taking on the role of adults for them to have a sense of power and control. From there they can see others’ perspective besides their own and allows a safe way to express their emotions. Moreover, playing with dolls help in preparing a child for the birth of a sibling.

Regardless of 1 year olds’ gender, what they learn through playing with baby dolls are very essential life lessons. It is a way for them to learn and understand what life and the world has to offer them.  Get your little one her very first baby doll.

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