Decorative Rocking Horses For The Nursery

Decorative Nursery With HorseNursery rocking horses can be very beautiful. They are classic decorative pieces in nurseries and although many babies do not end up playing with them until they are well into their toddler years they are a great piece to include in your new nursery nevertheless.

Although I tend to think of the nursery as a functional space it doesn’t hurt to decorate it either – after all, you spend so much time in the nursery during your child’s first year that it just feels good to have a soothing room for you and your baby.

When our son was born my wife spent most of her time with the baby. I did feed him at night and in the morning but my wife was the one waking up at 3am for those middle of the night feeds. You obviously need a good chair in the nursery in addition to the changing table and crib but the rocking horse does not need to be functional. It’s a lot like the wall decor – it’s a show piece for when friends and family come over.

Babies aren’t really able to use a rocking horse until they are close to a year old and even then they need to you hover over them for support so if you are buying a rocking horse for the nursery keep in mind that it won’t be used for a long time if at all.

Below I’ve featured some of the nursery rocking horses that I find to be very attractive pieces. If you are looking for something that is safe for a baby or toddler to actually use then I recommend seeing this page on rockers for 1 year olds.