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Do Kids Actually Like Rocking Horses?

Do Kids Play With Rocking HorsesWhen my son was first born I never really thought we’d ever get him a rocking horse. They always struck me as a decorative feature of many nurseries. I never really thought they’d actually use them or like them as they got older.

Somewhere along the way my wife came across a really cute and small rocking horse that she wanted us to buy for our son who was at the time only 6 months old. We didn’t have a proper nursery to put it in so I was hesitant but we ended up buying it.

For months it just sat there as decoration in our living room but when my son started cruising around 9 months he started eyeballing it. We started placing him on it and rocking him gently by hand.

By the time he was 1 year old he actually started crawling up onto it himself. We could actually sit next to him and let him rock all by himself. It was clear he actually really liked it a lot.

For the entire year between his first and second birthday he ended up climbing up onto his rocking horse almost daily and playing with it. He obviously loved it.

These day’s he’s a bit bigger and he’s got other riding toys he likes to play with more but he obviously likes the rocking horse too.

Do kids actually like playing with rocking horses? In our case yes, our son loved them with little pressure from us. Of course every kid is different and we have no idea what our son will gravitate towards as he gets older.

His older cousins still like playing with the horse when they come over even though they are clearly to big for it so at least that makes me believe that we might want to buy a bigger rocking horse for his as he grows up.

You can see this page I whipped up. It features rocking horses for 1 year olds. The horses on that page are similar to the horse our son has, low to the ground, padded/plush, and interactive. In the future when I start shopping for a larger horse for bigger kids I’ll have to whip up a similar page.