Educational Toys For 1 Year Olds

Once your baby reaches his first year, you may start introducing educational toys that he would surely love and learn from. These toys will not merely entertain him because of their colorfulness and attractiveness of the toys but will also be helpful for his brain and physical development. There are loads of toys out in the market, but it would be nice if you will be familiar with some of the educational toys for one year olds.

Shape Sorters – Nesting and shape sorting toys will help your one year old with his hand-eye coordination and will gain the knowledge of how objects of the same properties go together. With these kinds of toys, children will learn the concept of trial and error as well as testing their early problem solving skills.

Picture Books – Board books or pop-out books with bright fancy colors that show different pictures and activities. Babies are attracted to books that have different textures to be touched, pull up tabs that would reveal other objects, and so on. It would be a good start to introduce books to your babies at an early age.

Push Toys – By the time your baby reaches one year old, he would most probably be walking on his own. You can give him the chance to exercise and do some walking with push toys. This would be good for their mobility skills and will later on learn the art of pulling too.

Bricks and Blocks – These bricks and blocks are must have toys for your one year old. It may be of different shapes and styles, but the important part here is that your baby will learn the art of stacking. For starters, they will be stacking a couple blocks or more but they will eventually learn how to create a wall or whatever your baby desires to make, and of course the most fun part of all is knocking them down!


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