Fun Jumping Toys For 1 Year Olds

jumping toys for 1 year olds

Hello I am Marian Rivera . I am a mother. I have a daughter named Toshiba.  She is one year old. She loves to jump and she loves jumping horses, dolphins, dogs, frogs etc. So I like to buy the jumping toys for my child. I have also bought a Transparent Ring Bouncer where she and her cousin Raffia who is also a child of 14 month play together.

Now I want to discuss about the jumping toys which I have bought for my child. After seeing a jumping cow toy in my neighbor’s house my child started playing with this. But when we started for our residence she didn’t want to leave the toy. I compelled her to come with me by forcing but she started crying. So it became clear to me that she wants a toy just like the jumping cow.  Thus I want to see my baby happy.

So I search in the website and ordered in Flippin’ Puppy (jumping dog toy).  Everybody loves a Flippin’ Puppy. A classic for decades, the small dog will yap excitedly and shuffle forwards before performing an accomplished back-flip! This is nice Puppy having soft, tactile fur and a little felt collar. It requires 2 x’C’ batteries * 21cm.

In the market there are also many jumping toys like the jumping dog. They are Hopping Rabbit – 24cm, Rody inflatable horse and so on. Among them I have selected the dog.

In Fine, Jumping dog Flippin’ Puppy is really wonderful. It is also a longer lasting product. You can select it as an excited gift for your child too.

 Green Horse Hopper, Pump Included (Inflatable Jumping Horse, Space Hopper, Ride-on Bouncy Animal) Ball Bounce and Sport Disney Princess Hopper (Styles and Colors May Vary) Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow-with-Me Pony Gymnic Racin’ Rody Horse – Blue