Hello Kitty Toys For 1 Year Olds

The well known and loved Hello Kitty from a Sanrio Company of Japan has captured the heart of millions all over the world. Her caring, fun, polite and well mannered nature made her popular among girls.  I love Hello Kitty and I admit that I have been collecting stuff ever since I was a little girl. Now that I am a mom of a cute and adorable 1 year old daughter, I want her to capture Hello Kitty’s loving nature… and I am going to buy her Hello Kitty toys. Here are some, suited for little girls.

Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty Tartan

Handmade with the finest quality, this Hello Kitty is 4-5 inches tall perfect for toddlers to carry around. Washable and maintains fluffiness quality after wash. Hello Kitty is a perfect, adorable companion for adorable little girls.

What Kids Want Hello Kitty Bowling Set

Bowling set which includes a pink ball and 6 different colored pins with a variety of Hello Kitty printed on each item. It’s fun and easy for a toddler to set back up, sure way to get my daughter to love bowling with the help of Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Tea Time Set

1 year old toddlers love to mimic what adults do and play pretend. This Hello Kitty tea time set is an awesome way to let you child develop her imagination and creativity. It comes with spoons with pink little bows and bigger tea pot and 4 cute cups.

Hello Kitty Musical Piano

Hello Kitty Musical Piano is a sure way to start any little girl to love music. It plays different melodies, animal sounds, and musical instruments. With playful response keys and lighting that teaches toddlers cause and effect concepts. It is made of quality materials, durable enough for lasting play.


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