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I Finally Identified The Rocker We Bought For Our 1 Year Old

Rockabye Colt Pony RockerI know this site is extremely new but I posted yesterday that I couldn’t remember which rocking horse we bought for our infant son two years ago. Well, after doing some digging around on the rocker itself and surfing the web a bit I finally found out exactly which one it was.

We bought our son the Rockabye Colt Pony Rocker which you can see in the picture.

Anyway, we’ve had this rocking horse in our home for the past two years and our son used it heavily between his first and second birthday. These days he uses it much less but his older cousins that only come over every few months or so gravitate toward it every time.

I think this thing is awesome for babies and for 1 year olds so I’ll add it to that page. I’ll also plan on doing a full review of the colt horse and adding it here to the blog for anyone out there considering getting one.

UPDATE: You can see my review of the Rockabye Colt Pony Rockere here.

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