Interactive Toys For 1 Year Olds

interactive toys for 1 year olds1 year olds are more focused on physical growth, such as fine and gross motor skills, although, emotional and social skills are also enhanced. During this age, they are not capable of interactive play with their peers or other toddlers, more so, they only engage with parallel play. Parallel play is when toddlers sit side by side but they are doing their own thing. Since they have their “own worlds”, an interactive toy is very suitable for them, it enhances social skills and supports their ability to learn. A note to remember, interactive toys should be interesting to a 1 year old so as to keep them engage longer to it.

There is a wide variety of interactive toys offered in the market, but as moms, we should always start with the basics, toys for babies doesn’t appeal to them anymore, furthermore, toys for older kids may cause frustration which can lead to insecurities when they get older. We gathered a list of interactive toys perfectly suited for 1 year olds.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy

An interactive huggable puppy that helps in teaching 1 year olds colors, parts of the body and fun songs to sing with. Its bright colors, lights and sounds attract 1 year olds and keep them engage to learning while playing.

Vtech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

Remember how 1 year olds love to mimic actions and words? This phone captures their imagination by letting them have their own phone, a fun way to teach them social skills and it allows them role playing. It also introduces the basic 123’s and ABC’s with fun sounds and songs.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra

It is an interactive toy that engages little ones with the soft world of classical music. Allows little fingers to push on buttons and explore how to combined musical instruments to create a master piece. This toy is perfect if you want your child to be musically inclined.

More than any interactive toy, the most essential matter, is the interaction of parents and primary care giver to the little ones.

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