Loud Toys For 1 Year Olds

My friends and I were having coffee while our 1 year olds were at the playing area. As moms, we talk a lot of things about our children and one topic that really kept us engaged were the gifts our kids received during occasions. One of the moms in our group asked what were the most annoying and loudest toys our kids have so here are the list… hopefully you can avoid this kind of toys.

  • Corn Popper – Okay, I year olds have to have a push and pull toy but not this one… when balls strike the plastic dome, it make this irritating popping sound that really drives adults crazy.
  • Drum Set – You know how noxious it is when you hear a neighbor’s boy playing with his drum set all day, well, nothing beats the sound when the drum playing is at your leaving room… You can’t even hear yourself thinking.
  • Giggle Vacuum – Although it comes with a switch for off and on, once you forgot to turn it off, it goes on and on, it’s like having a life of its own… noisy and scary at the same time.
  • Whistle / Trumpet / Flute – When a toddler started to learn how to blow, there is no stopping them from blowing and creating this crazy sound – all day.
  • Plush toys with no volume control or a switch on and off button – Alright they are adorable… but they are too noisy! They never stop!
  • Baby Dolls that cries – I know they are not too loud but they are aggravating. It’s too depressing to hear someone or something crying all the time.

The choices of toys are essential to our growing toddlers, some toys are irritating to us, but if a child finds it fun and can help them learn and develop further then we have to support them. However, there is also a caution for over-stimulation. Too loud or noisy toys or objects are not good for us and for our little ones as well.


We know that everyone has assorted views on kids and their games therefore we won’t expect every person to agree with our suggestions. We also understand that you may be unsure as to what you need to get for your child, which is why we hope you will take a look at a few of our other suggestions in other places on the site. Most of the various forms of products we review can be found through the main store. You can also see this article for our favorite toys for toddlers at the moment.