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How to Make a Wooden Toy Sword

make a wooden toy swordSince early civilization, toys have been important part of childhood. Although kids today have different kinds of toys compared to years ago, some theme of their usual toys remains the same. Many of their favorite toys are similar to those that have been around centuries ago.

The traditional wooden sword has been an all time favorite among young boys. Wooden swords are typically simple playthings that encourage children to use their imagination. Making one with them is a good bonding moment for parents and their children. The procedure is simple, and a little touch of creativity makes any sword unique and personalized.

First off, you will be need materials. These can be bought from any local carpentry shop or a craft shop or maybe you have some lying around the house. Materials for the sword need not to be expensive. Here are the materials and tools needed.


  • Plank or ply wood
  • Blank paper
  • Two part epoxy
  • Sandpaper
  • Marker


  • Band saw or jigsaw
  • Scissors
  • Knife


  1. Design and draw sword pattern using a blank piece of paper and a marker.
  2. Cut out the pattern.
  3. Trace the sword onto the plank or ply wood.
  4. Cut the pattern and detach the blade from the hilt.
  5. Trace another 2 sword hilts onto the wood.
  6. Use the band saw or a jigsaw to cute the pieces.
  7. Use two part epoxy to stick them together and let it dry.
  8. Carve the edges using a knife.
  9. Sand down all the rough edges.
  10. Make any other modification and add finishing touches.

There you have it, just 10 simple steps to make an awesome sword for your child but don’t rush and take time to do each step carefully. Always remind a child to be careful when fighting with swords. Wooden swords can still injure somebody and not to be taken lightly.

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