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My Review Of The Rockabye Colt Pony Rocker

Rockabye Colt Pony RockerLet me start this review by saying that I bought the Rockabye Colt Pony for my 6 month old son roughly 2 years ago exactly. In that amount of time my son has grown up with this toy and used it in many different ways.

When he was crawling and not quite walking he would sit on the rocker with me or my wife holding him up and we would gently rock him back and forth. He got accustomed to this and the musical buttons and by the time he was one year old he started climbing on it himself. We would sit by him closely to make sure he didn’t fall but he knew exactly what to do.

See the Rockabye Colt Pony Rocking Horse here.

Over the course of my son’s second year he really grew to love this rocking horse. As parents we loved it because it was just the right size for a one year old and we also loved that it was so thoroughly padded. Over the course of the year I can’t recall a single time my son hurt himself with this toy. The only pat that is exposed wood is the rocker itself which is actually tucked away quite nicely behind four large padded horse legs.

In the beginning my son would lightly rock on the horse but by the time he was turning two he was able to rock quite vigorously on it but even still I can’t recall a single time he made it flip over backwards. Surely there will be a child out there that will take it backwards too far but it’s not that easy.

The only time I can think of this happening is when my 4 year old nephew came by and rocked on it hard enough to tip it over backwards. He was trying to tip it over though so I’m not sure that counts.

So with that said I really think this rocker (and probably the whole line of Rockabye rockers) are really well designed for the 1-3 year old crowd. They are the perfect size measuring only 17 inches high from floor to the top of the head. The seat is only around 12 inches off the floor.

Another feature of the rocker that my son loved was the music. On the back of the head of the horse there are four padded buttons built right into the horse that each play a different tune. The sound quality of the music is a little low for my preference but my son loved it all the same. The tunes are not your ordinary tunes that you hear over and over so that’s a welcome change. And for those parents that want to silence loud toys the underside of this rocking chair opens up to allow you access to the battery compartment. Remove the batteries or turn the sound off if you want.

Anyway, there’s not a lot else to say about this rocking horse other than we think it’s a winner. It’s probably among the cutest rocking horses we’ve seen as parents (which is why we initially wanted to buy it) and it’s perfect for 1 year olds and toddlers. I’ve added this rocking horse to my list of appropriate rocking horses for one year old kids – you can see that page for others I like in the category.

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