Obnoxious Toys For 1 Year Olds

obnoxious toysMy baby is only one year old. Her name is Jeny. She is fond of the toys like balloons. Balloons are soft and weightless toys. These are easy to carry. But as a cautious mother I must be careful of the toys which may be harmful to my baby.

Most of the mother likes to buy toys for a child to make it happy. But they do not care about the harm they do for the child besides making him/her happy. A mother is a shield for a baby. So she must be selective in choosing a toy for her baby.

For a one year old baby we should not buy a toy which is very noisy. These devices usually have radiations and most of them extract polyphonic sound they are very dangerous for a child’s health. It also harms their hearing power too.

We also have to aware about weight of the toys. It must not be too heavy to carry. Your child has very small muscles and a heavy toy may harm to his/her muscles. Sometimes a balloon may make harm to your baby when they are busted. In the time of busting it makes heavy sound which frightens a child. I don’t want to tell it that you do not buy a balloon but I want to request you to buy a tempered one.
Sometimes I see that mother gifting her child a flute or mouth organ. It is very obnoxious toy for a child of just one year. They always try to Blow it but by continuous blowing of those toy it causes huge damage for the lungs of a tender child.

So please be selective to buy a toy which makes your child cheerful. You have may some educative toys. These toys may help your child to enhance their creativity.

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