Outside Toys for 1 Year Olds

ouside toys for 1 year oldsPlay is an imperative part of a child’s development. It is an activity that improves their motor skills, social skills and many more. However, you need to make sure that all eyes are on your 1 year old whenever he plays, especially outside because no matter how recreational this activity is, it is still hazardous for a baby. Therefore, you need to ensure that his materials for play are safe. Here are the best outside toys for 1 year olds.


No one can ever outgrow their love for playing with balls. And it’s great to get your kid started at an early age. Start off with soft and light balls that your child can play around in the garden with. Just make sure that he does not put the ball in his mouth.

Bubble Pool

Kids love playing in the water. As long as it’s not too deep, your 1 year old will really have a lot of fun. Invest in a really nice bubble pool where your child can play. Make sure that the materials used are non toxic because toxic bubble pools can exude the bad chemicals in the water and your kid could digest it.

Sand Box

The classic sand box is perfect for 1 year olds. Remember how much you loved playing in the sand at the beach when you were young? They will have the same merriment in their sandbox as well. Add in some digging tools like buckets, rakes and the like as well. You can find a lot of sand toy sets in toy stores that are manufactured especially for 1 year olds.

Always remember that whenever your child plays outside, he is exposed to many external dangers such as germs. So don’t ever bring in the house his outside toys without sanitizing them and watch them carefully while playing so that they don’t put the toys in their mouth. Other than that, just let them have fun!

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