Smart Toys for 1 Year Olds

As my 1 year old, reaches her first birthday, I know she is ready for a new world of learning. She wonders with curiosity, and her eyes lighten up every time she discovers something. I can feel her eagerness, her excitement to try new things. I can now play hide and seek with her, laugh every time she tries to imitate what I say or do. She can name everyday objects and knows what these are for. It is so amazing watching her grow… These are the joys of being a mom.

When 1 year olds started exploring, there is no stopping them. Playing is not just for fun anymore, but it becomes a serious thing. Now, it is also about learning and stimulating their growing minds. Below are essential things and toy samples to consider when choosing smart toys for 1 year olds

  • Mechanical toys. A toy with handles, buttons that interlocks, snaps that snaps together improve spatial intelligence and teaches cause-and-effect.
  • Toys that encourages role-play. Puppets, toy animals, and cars or trucks work on the idea how the real world works.
  • Creative arts toys. A simple blank paper, crayons, pens enhances creativity and color, object and shape recognition.
  • Shape-sorting toys. A puzzle, blocks, buckets, shape blocks enhances problem solving skills and depth of perception.
  • Toys that enhances the senses. Toys with sound, different texture and bright colors develop the senses-color, sound and texture recognition.

The best smart toys for kids are the ones that bring interest to them, for with interest comes learning. Every baby is natural learner and as moms, our duty is to make the best learning experience through play by providing them age appropriate toys. Provide a wide variety of toys that will allow diversity of learning experience. Introduce 1 to 2 toys per week so as not to overwhelm them. Safety is also an issue; make sure that all toys are not harmful. Nevertheless, whatever toys we are providing them are nothing, if we, as moms are not there to play with them and guide them in their learning process.