Stimulating Toys for 1 Year Olds

stimulating toys for 1 year olds

Parents are first best playmates for 1 year olds. As such, we have the responsibility to stimulate our children and assist in their multidimensional development which includes their physical, cognitive, language and social skills. All four domains should be considered in choosing the right plays-toys for that matter.

In order to stimulate their learning and development, it is essential to choose toys appropriate for their age.  Always be aware of your child’s interest and abilities, for everyone is unique. During this year, our toddler moves around and have strong interest in manipulating things around them. They are able to do simple problem solving and can recognize cause and effect.

Toys in this age group that can stimulate their development include:

  • Simple puzzles, shape sorters, peg boards
  • Push and pull toys or wagons
  • Movement games
  • Blocks and stocking rings
  • Picture books and coloring materials (crayons and markers)
  • Small tricycles, ride-one toys

These are classic toys that withstood the test of time and are good choices to stimulate a 1 year olds development, but many new toys are innovative and must be considered to further enhance learning. Most importantly, we must see to it that the child enjoys using the toy – Play is after all a time to have fun.

One year olds want to explore everything; their curiosity outweighs their judgment for predicting dangers. As parents, we should be involved in their plays and make sure that they are safe without hindering their curiosity to explore. Besides, studies have shown that children tend to be more creative when their parents are involved in their play. The best plays occurs when moms or dads plays alongside with the child, rather than just providing the toys and supervising them. So let’s bring out the child in us and play with our little ones.

These toys are perfect for stimulating the minds of one to two year olds. We think you’ll agree.

 Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Safari Adventure Gym and Tunnel (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Tent Melissa & Doug: Animal Nesting Blocks Anatex Six-Sided Play Cube

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