The Best Rocking Horses For 1 Year Olds

One Year Old

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Back when my son was six months old we found a really awesome (and small) rocking horse that was plush and padded. It was about the cutest horse we’d seen and although our son was too small for it just yet we decided to buy it in advance of his first birthday.

Around 9 months of age he started taking notice of it and we would put him on it and slowly rock him. It had buttons on it that would play music and he loved it.

Somewhere around his first birthday he started walking and was big enough that we were occasionally able to find him climbing up onto it all by himself. In short order it became one of his favorite toys until a little after his second birthday when he simply lost interest in it.

To this day I wish I could remember where we got it because it was amazing. (Edit – It was the Rockabye Colt Pony which I reviewed here.) We’ll definitely be holding onto it until our next little one comes along but in the mean time I wanted to showcase a few rocking horses that are similar.

These horses might not be exactly what we had but they are among the best rocking horses for 1 year olds made today – based on our experience at least.

Of all the one year old friendly rocking horses listed above I prefer the Colt Pony Rocker which we actually bought a while back. Youc an see my review of the Rockabye Colt rocking horse here.