Three Wheel Toddler Scooters

Looking for a great three wheeled scooter for a toddler or young child. Kids scooters with three wheels are far safer for young kids than two-wheeled varieties and they come in many more interesting designs too.

My goal with this page is not to go into depth on any of these scooters. I don’t even want to say which is the best 3-wheel scooter but I do want to index the options on the market and then expand a section on this site specific to each three wheeler featured on this page.

See below for all the toddler scooters (with three wheels) featured on this site. You can also see the best selling toddler scooters for sale right (of all kinds) now by clicking this link.

Kickboard Micro Mini Kick ScooterThe Kickboard Micro Mini Kick Scooter (Pink, Blue, Orange, Red)

This scooter comes in various colors and is of a lean to turn design. You can see more on the page linked above or buy it through this link.

If you made it this far down the page then maybe you’d be interested in seeing my page on toddler scooters featuring toys that also have two wheels.