My Top Developmental Toys For 1 Year Olds

developmental toys for 1 year olds

My one year old started to crawl… walk…  It’s amazing to see another milestone for my young one, and that feeling you just can’t explain, that happiness … My 1 year old taking her big first step… Wow! It is just so awesome.

Now that my baby has a number, what appropriate toys should I give her? This among others was running in my mind, well I ‘m trying to be the best mom. So, what I did was research on this. You know what I found out?

One year olds are not ready to dive in with the academic stuff-the ABC’s and the 123’s. They are still in the phase of curiosity, just starting to explore. The best toys that are appropriate for them are the ones that foster curiosity and allow them to explore, develop their senses. Intellectually, they understand much of what you are saying, they can even mimic every action you do and say-so watch your words and actions. They can communicate in a very cute way verbally. Physical development wise, they are able to move things, gross and fine motor skills are enhanced.

A year full of discoveries, full of learning, discovering what the physical world has to offer, knowing these things gave me the confidence to help my kiddo be ready for the next milestone, guiding and letting them learn through play.

The following are the best toys for 1 year olds:

Toys that help in developing gross motor skills during this dramatic physical stage. These develop balance when standing and walking.

  1. Push and pull toys
  2. Foot-to-floor ride on toys
  3. Activity tables
  4. Rolling toys


Toys that stimulate them to learn and experience their world through their senses, these toys also help the child calm down and focus more.

  1. Picture books
  2. Musical toys
  3. Soft textured toys
  4. Bright and boldly colored toys


Toys that enhance imagination and creativity, develop fine motor skills, and enhance some very fundamental ideas about Physics.

  1. Balls
  2. Building blocks
  3. Toys that they can open and close


These are the age appropriate toys I discovered through my research, the essential thing we have to consider is their developmental aspect, allow them to be curios… to discover the world, but never neglect on their safety. But the most important thing than any other toys is to always let them feel that they are always loved.

These toys are developmentally appropriate for one year olds.

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