Traditional Wooden Toys For 1 Year Olds

wooden toys for 1 year olds

Don’t you just love how wooden toys look like? If you ask me, I would always prefer wooden toys over plastic ones because they last longer. In short, they are better investments. But if you have a 1 year old, it is of vital significance that you choose their wooden toys carefully. Choose wooden toys that they can really have fun with. Most of all, choose those that they learn from. That being said, here are the best wooden toys that you can purchase for your baby.

Wooden Puzzles

1 year olds love putting together puzzles. They just love accomplishment when one piece fits the other. It’s a great sorting and stacking activity that improves their motor skills and it is their first step to learning shapes and colors as well.

Big Doll House

Notice that I used the word “big”. The reason behind this is because your child won’t be able to appreciate a small doll house. A big one, however, is something that she can go inside in. It can even be her nap area if you will. Place pillows, blankets and stuffed toys inside so she can play pretend, too! Just be sure that the wooden house is manufactured for babies so that she does not get in any unwanted accidents.

Walker Wagon

This is perfect for 1 year olds who are learning or who have just learned how to walk. The classic walker wagon is a popular toy that teaches your child how to walk, balance and stand properly. Moreover, the mechanism of a wagon will help them refrain from falling down because the wheels are manufactured to move slowly. This is also a fun toy where they can put their other smaller toys in.

And that’s it! Be very mindful, however, of the wooden toys that you are going to buy to ensure that your child does not discover loose screws or paint that chip off.

Your young children will love these wooden toys.

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