Unusual Toys for 1 Year Olds

unusual toys for 1 year oldsParents often go for the conventional toys! You know the usual toys like rubber duckies, beanie babies, shape toys and the like. Some parents believe that the most unique and unconventional toys are the best for 1 year olds because they help develop more than the regular skills of your child. In addition to this, it helps children channel more of their creative side when they see toys that are a bit odd to the eye. Here are some of the best unusual toys for 1 year olds.


Let your child play pretend as early as possible. The art of skit will allow them to rediscover many characters and it’s a good group activity that would help them socialize. Start off with superhero costumes or cartoon characters. Go ahead and buy some props as well. How does a toy horse sound?

Push Toys

Most parents buy ride-on toys without considering the benefits of push toys for their children first. Push toys are great because it allows your child to improve his balance especially at this stage where he is still starting to learn how to walk. Buy those that light up or make sounds when being pushed so that you’re 1 year old will get motivated to use it.

Musical Instruments

It’s never too early to let your child discover his inner rock star! It’s true that they might not be able to create a tune as much as Mozart did but letting them listen and play with musical instruments will help them unlock their creativity. Musical intelligence is one of the multiple intelligences that help shape the brain. It’s best to start them with baby friendly percussion instruments such as xylophones or drums or even electronic pianos.

You’ll probably be filling up your home with many toys in the coming years but be sure to choose the best toys that will benefit your children! Remember, unusual isn’t always bad!

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