Walker For 1 Year Olds

walker toys for 1 year oldsWhen a baby turns 1, it’s a turning point from infancy to toddlerhood. Normal developmental milestone includes crawling to standing and even taking few steps. Some may think that they need a walker at this time. But do they?

Although it is named walker, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can helps a toddler learn how to walk, and there are a lot of issues surrounding a walker.  For one, experts say that walkers are potential hazard and they are trying to ban it the market, a lot of accidents had happened in the past few years due to the use of it. Accidents such as falling down stairs or into pools, tripping into a pavement, burns and poisoning because a toddler was able to reach hazardous objects and many more. Moreover, researchers say that walker’s delays motor and mental development.

But, if you insist putting your toddlers on a walker, please make sure to keep an eye on them and  don’t let your little ones use walkers for a long period of time, 20 minutes is enough and no longer than that. Standards were given to decrease the incidence of accidents a few years back, so never buy a traditional walker, or let your toddler use a second hand walker. Below are certain features you must consider in purchasing a walker.

  1. Friction Strips. These are rubber brakes on the bottom that prevent it from moving with the slightest change in elevation like steps or uneven pavement.
  2. Right fit of the seats. Making sure that the seat height can be raised or lowered with locking mechanism, toddler’s feet should touch the ground when using a walker.
  3. Toys and Attachments. Most walkers have toys as an added feature, just make sure that there are no small parts that can break or loosen to prevent choking hazards.
  4. Size. Walker size should be large enough, approximately 36 inches for it not to fit in any door way. This prevents the toddler from mobilizing into a hazardous part of the house such as the kitchen or the pool area.

Toddlers may enjoy added feature of toys and gadgets in a walker, they may be happy and contented sitting on it. A word of advice, consider the pros and cons before putting them onto a walker.

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