Water Toys for 1 Year Olds

My 1 year old hates taking a bath, I just don’t know why… Then I found out, to engage your child to like bath time, make bath time as play time. Water toys do not just encourage my little one to take a bath but it also encourages her to learn shapes, pattern and colors. Now bath time is fun time!

Specific tips for choosing water toys for 1 year olds

  • BPA free, Non-toxic water toys – Bisphenol A is a toxic substance used to manufacture plastic products; researchers found out that toys that contain BPA are health hazard that affects the brain and children’s behavior. Remember, children this age loves to put objects into their mouth and it is important that it is toxic free and won’t harm them.
  • Water toys should not have holes or opening – Although squirting toys is fun way of learning how water behaves, it posts a potential hazard for toddlers. The inside part of a squirting toy is hard to dry up making it damp and perfect  breeding site for microorganism. Opt for toys airtight toys that are easy to clean.
  • Water toys that sense water temperature – There are water toys such as the color changing building blocks that help parents to ensure the right temperature of bath water. It is important that bath time is safe and comfortable for our little tots.
  • Appropriate size water toys – Toys should be large enough so that children should not choke on it yet small and light enough that it can still be grabbed by toddlers’ little hands.

Our children needs constant supervision during bath time, never ever leave them even for just a second!!! Young children are vulnerable, they can drown in less than 2 inches of water-drowning accidents can happen any time. More than any water toys that we can provide; our children’s safety is the most important matter that we should consider it may be in the tub, the pool or any body of water.


If you aren’t enthusiastic about some of the items highlighted on this page we get it, not every person shares the same opinions as we do. We also realize that you are unsure in regards to what you need to get for your child, which is why we hope you’ll check out a few of our other suggestions elsewhere on the website. All of the different forms of products we review can be found from the main store. You may also see this article for our top toys for toddlers this coming year