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What Age Is Best For A Balance Bike?

What Age For Balance BikeMy wife and I were wondering what age is best to get our toddler a balance bike so we took him over to our local bike shop and sat him down on some of the balance bikes they had in stock.

Our son is roughly 2 1/2 years old as of this writing so we weren’t really sure what to expect. Some kids as you can plainly see on YouTube videos do great with balance bikes at age two but others tend to take a lot longer.

With our son I figured he’s be pretty good but I was definitely mistaken. Although he still loves his Ybike Pewi (a good walking toy for babies) he hasn’t shown the ability to successfully use pedals on a trike. When we put him on the balance bike he was interested to say the least but he wasn’t nearly coordinated enough to push forward, steer, and stay balanced.

For use we’re considering an “in between” toy. Something very similar to a balance bike but something that either has wide wheels or two rear wheels that are very close together. In fact I started a board over on Pinterest just to keep good options easily available. You can see it here: My Favorite Balance Bikes For Toddlers.

What we’re probably going to get is a wide wheel balance bike – not sure exactly which one but it will probably be on of the bikes on this page.

So when is a good age for a kids first balance bike? I think it differs from child to child. Mine is small and always has been so I’d say 3 at least is a good starting point. For really phsyical kids or those who are a bit bigger for their age you might be OK starting your kid off a bit earlier although I probably wouldn’t go younger that two years unless you were getting a square wheel bike or gradual bike that adjusts to the size of your child.

For kids that aren’t yet two years of age or those that are even as young as one I would definitely recommend a four wheel riding toy like the Ybike. I haven’t yet reviewed it here on the blog but I will do so in the near future. Once that post goes live blog subscribers will be notified right away otherwise you’ll just have to check back when this post is updated with the link.

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