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When Can A Baby Use A Rocking Horse

Baby Rocking HorseCurious when a baby can safely start using a rocking horse? I was too when we bought ours way too early. Our son was only 6 months old when we bought his first rocking horse. We knew he wouldn’t be able to ride it for a while but we really weren’t very sure how long it would sit as a decoration before he was actually able to use it.

Around the time he was 9 months old and cruising from furniture piece to furniture piece he finally found the rocking horse we bought him and started to find it interesting. The thing was pretty small (low to the ground) and it was very plush and cute. It even had padded buttons on it that made sounds, music, etc and he found these fun to push.

Long story short we decided around this time we would hold him on it from time to time to get him to understand that he was supposed to sit on it. We would then gently rock him on it while holding him upright because he didn’t have nearly enough balance to do this himself.

Is this using a rocking horse? No, not really but it was fun for him so long as we did all the work.

Eventually our son started walking around his first birthday and around this time is when he started climbing up on the rocking horse all by himself. He still needed us there to help him not fall but it didn’t take long thereafter for him to start rocking all by himself.

In the end his first birthday really would have been an ideal time to introduce him to the rocking horse but it wasn’t all bad to have it early anyway.

I posted a page on rocking horses for one year olds which you may want to check out but to summarize it’s best to get small kids in small rocking horses. A lot of the horses you see are fairly tall and the wooden one’s can be well padded but are sometimes not. For the little one’s I find it best to go for the super short, plush horses, and then get something else for your kids when they get bigger. You know, assuming they still seem interested.