Wide Wheel Balance Bikes (For Beginners)

Square Wheel Balance BikeAs I write this my son is turning 2 1/2 in less than a week. For a long time he’s used a Ybike Pewi around the house and in the driveway. It was a great way for him to learn to walk and then learn to ride a ride on toy but is has four wheels and does little do develop his sense of balance on bikes.

My wife and I have talked it over and we feel that getting him a balance bike with wide wheels is the best step forward for him. We went to a local bike shop a few weeks back and sat him on a normal balance bike with air filled wheels and he thought it was cool but was no where close to being ready to sit on it and keep his balance.

Sure we could muscle through it but I think he would enjoy using a wide wheel balance bike a bit more because it’s easier to use. I’d rather him want to use a balance bike then be pushed to use one before he’s ready.

Over on Pinterest I started researching balance bikes for toddlers so today I wanted to start listing the wide wheel balance bikes we’re actually considering buying. I will naturally update the blog here with our choice when we make it and review the balance bike we end up buying.