Wooden Balance Bikes For Girls

Wood Balance Bike For GirlsLooking for a wooden balance bike for a girl? Tot Rides has you covered.
Like many parents I love the look and feel of a classic wooden balance bike and I know that so many of them look like they are designed for boys – even when they are gender neutral.

That’s why I decided to build a page dedicated to wooden girls balance bikes.

Here you’ll find all of the top rated wood balance bikes that are obviously meant for girls. Looking for pink, purple, lavender, or any shade of pastel? Want a bike with flowers on it? Look no further. :)

Generally speaking all the top brands make their balance bikes in a wide range of colors and styles so expect the bikes below to have many other color options. They are also some of the best made and sport very high customer review ratings.

Why do boys get to have all the fun, huh?

If you’re not married to the wooden bike then make sure to see our page dedicated to metal girls balance bikes.