Wooden Rocking Horse For Baby

vintage-wood-carved-rocking-horseI was looking for a wooden rocking horse for a baby today. A friend is having a baby in a few months and we are trying to help them plan out the nursery.

We could go with a nursery style rocking horse that’s purely decorative but a wooden rocking horse toy is more the style we’re after. They look great, cost less (usually), and they can be played with down the road.

There really are tons of wood rocking horses out there so I narrowed my search down to inexpensive wooden horses that have high customer reviews and really well made rocking horses that aren’t exactly mass produced.

(Although we are budget conscious we do care about buying quality products that are somewhat unique.)

Below you can see the wooden rocking horses that are highest on our list.

If you are looking for wooden rocking horses for a baby you might like this page I published a while back on wood carved rocking horses. They tend to cost a lot more but man, they are gorgeous!